"Rivskin" project

“… a visionary, yet practical experience. Simple, yet revolutionary. A dozen young designers, selected from the finest international talent, work in the Terra Berica, including Saturdays and Sundays. They are flanked by artisans who turn their ideas into reality with their ability to breathe three-dimensional life into a design, an intuition. This is the incredible journey of exploration of “AAA Cercasi Nuovo Artigiano (New Artisans Wanted)” .

The innovative project, sponsored by the National Confederation of Artisans and Craftsmen, aimed at defining new characteristics of artisan businesses through the systematic comparison of design, technology and large-scale product.

We created the RIVSKIN collection with the young, eclectic designer, Matteo Cibic. Formal, understated objects in recycled leather where graphics are merely used to highlight the characteristics of the material.

Arbos also collaborated with the designers Silke De Vivo, Luca Bertoncello and Andrea Magnani in the framework of this project.

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