"Re-Use" project

Re-Use is the only ecological and creative “notes-system”. It consists of 2 two types of binders that all take standard paper formats (A4, A5 and A6). The binding exploits the universal punching system of the two-hole punches commonly found in offices. It is made entirely from recycled materials: recycled leather (ricuoio®) and certified recycled paper. Re-Use stimulates creativity to invent new ways of reusing materials and products. Its system-based design goes beyond the logic of commonplace organisers (which impose non-standard formats), so that you can fully personalise your notepad. The Re-Use cover has been deliberately made with a two-ring mechanism so that you can add inserts of your own design. This innovative project by the designer, Antonio Scarponi was started in 2004 with the precise aim of offering people a tool with which to implement tangible ways of approaching environmental sustainability. These notes systems and notebooks allow you to reuse the pages already printed on another or to make your own DIY notes.

Antonio Scarponi is the founder of Concept Devices, an interdisciplinary, project method that uses urban planning, architecture, design and art to create solutions with a social and economic impact of high environmental value. He has won numerous awards and prizes. He is currently a lecturer at the ZhDk (Zùrcher Hochshule Der Kùnste) in Zurich.

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