Deliveries: deliveries will be made within a maximum of 15 days from receiving the order. The unit of sales is the assorted package in the colours included in the collection.

Packaging: free-of-charge in cardboard boxes. Wooden pallets may be used for shipping to provide better protection of the products.

Shipping: the cost will be added to the invoice.

Transport: the goods, even if sold with free shipping, always travels at the total risk and responsibility of the customer. The recipient must check the number of packages that the number of packages is correct and they are intact. If you notice any damage incurred during transport, you must lodge a claim with the carrier and indicate it on the transport documentation.

Claims/Returns: claims are accepted no later than days from receipt of the goods. Return of goods must be authorised by us beforehand and will be free-of-charge.

Payments: the amount due is to be paid before delivery unless otherwise indicated. When the order is ready, a proforma invoice will be sent specifying the shipping costs, if applicable, and payment instructions.